Scientist at Sea

Pathways to the Geosciences

Eckerd College Primary Institution

PI - Gregg Brooks

Co-PI Patrick Schwing

Co-PI Rebekka Larson

University of South Florida, College of Marine Science

Collaborator - Steve Murawski, Sherryl Gilbert

U.S. Geological  Survey

Collaborator - Julie Richey, Caitlyn Reynolds, Eric Tappa (USC)

Tampa Bay Watch 


Florida Institute of Oceanography (FIO)

Partner and Critical Institution - Monty Graham, Nicole Raineault, FIO staff and Ships Crew

Ship Operations R/V Weatherbird II

Including but not limited to shiptime, staff support for educational goals, marketing, and student engagement/experiences.

This research was made possible in part by support from the Florida Institute of Oceanography

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation 

Partner supporting student research opportunities and experiences

Other Support and Acknowledgements

2022 S-A-S Symposium Host: Tampa Bay Watch

2022 S-A-S Symposium Award sponsors: APTIM, Eckerd College Office of the President James Annarelli, Eckerd College John M. Bevan Center for Academic Excellence (Kat Robinson).

2022 S-A-S Symposium sponsorship: APTIM, Shaner's Land and Sea Market

2022 S-A-S Symposium Booths: FIO, APTIM, NOAA, Marine Mammal Commission

Eckerd College: Student housing for research cruise as well as support and facilities